6 Strategies to Promote Your Website Launch on Instagram

Instagram, a video and photo-sharing social media network which is owned by Meta. The platform’s major advantage over other platforms is its unique visual nature. For businesses, visuals are important in case you want to showcase your products to the audience. The platform is a great medium to expand your brand’s reach significantly.

When it comes to marketing your business on social media platforms like Instagram, you’d need a landing page which could be your website or e-store. So launching a new website is a remarkable part of a business’s journey, so letting your audiences know about your new website launch is essential. To drive more traffic to your new website, make use of upviral, as it helps to attract more audiences. So that your Instagram audiences will come to know that your brand is authentic and reliable.

Are you looking forward to the launch of your new website on social media platforms? If yes, social media marketing is the best way to reach the right audience, and Instagram is one of the popular platforms available. So, let’s see 6 strategies to promote your website launch on this popular platform:

Some Instagram Content Ideas

#1 Instagram Stories

These Stories features are one of Instagram users’ favorite features. To use Instagram for your website launch, posting videos and pictures to your Stories is essential. The best way to showcase your new website is by creating Stories about it. You can post mock graphics of your new site. If you think the Stories will disappear after 24 hours, you can highlight it in your profile.

#2 Instagram Reels

These reels are the famous short-video content that everyone is thriving and engaging on right now. It is much simpler to boost your exposure on the Instagram platform through Reels as it is more effective than hashtags. So create Reels leading your audiences to your website launch.

Using Reels, you can give a behind-the-scenes look at your website creation process. Also, you can create curiosity by giving your audiences a trailer for your website launch. Furthermore, you can buy instagram reels views to make your trailer video land in the Explore page organically. As a result, more people will start to check out your new website.

#3 Instagram Feeds

The feed posts are old but good. For video marketing, you can go for Reels, but for sharing images and stills, the good old feed posts will always be there for the rescue. It is essential to focus on feed posts like Reels. Using Instagram feeds, you can create all kinds of graphics and carousels and publish brand logos and headshots. There is no limit when it comes to Instagram feed posts.

Strategies to Promote Website Launch

1. Celebrate Your Website’s Launch

Once your website becomes live and up to the mark, celebrate it with a simple post on your feed. Tell your audience about how excited you are that your website is finally ready for people to visit. Share some of your insights about the benefits of building a website as a business and the challenges you have faced in the process.

2. Give Sneak Peaks of Your Website

Take a screenshot of your website, show it in isolation, and overlay it with texts that describe what’s different and new about it.
Create a mockup of your website’s homepage in your favorite design and use effects and filters to make it more attractive.
Create videos showcasing your website’s new and unique features and user-friendly interface.

3. Ask Audiences Questions to Boost Engagement

Use the Q&A feature and Instagram polls to ask questions to your audiences about your website launch and also ask them for suggestions. This is the best way to keep them engaged on Instagram. It is also an excellent way to gain new ideas that might help in coming up with more content ideas in the future. You can ask your audience questions in your stories or in-feed posts. Here are some things to remember:

  • Ask questions related to your niche or category if possible.
  • Ask questions that will create a buzz around your audiences. The more interactive your content, the better will be the engagement.

4. Share Your Excitement With Your Audiences

  • Create videos and show your audiences the reasons behind the launch of your website.
  • Share how it will help them to buy your products easily.
  • Tell them how you will release new product launches on your website.
  • Share your future plans to enhance the website.

5. Share Your Story

Instagram audiences are attracted to storytelling content, specifically to the relevant ones. It is easy to share your stories in the form of videos or as carousel posts if the way of narration is engaging.

Tell your audiences the reason you started your brand as a startup and the people behind your success. You may also show off your behind-the-scenes videos and the faces of employees behind the camera. If your content is unique, people will automatically visit your website. Additionally, you can buy instagram reels likes to boost your website visits and receive more traction. Ultimately, your new website will become aware of many Instagram audiences.

6. Share Your Website Building Process

This strategy is as vital as it sounds because this is an effective way to connect with your target audiences who might turn into customers. While you are designing your website, keep track of the challenges and how you have overcome them. Create videos telling your audiences whether someone helped you build your website and who is the inspiration behind building a website.

If there are any resources or tools that have helped you in making your website building easier, ensure to add those links to your website. Because people might want to use them. Also, maintain the same brand logo, themes, and messages on your website as well as on other social media platforms, including Instagram.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, the above article helped you understand strategies to promote your website launch through Instagram. You must not become slow after launching your website, and you should optimize it often to attract and make your audiences visit again and again.

Instagram is an effective medium to promote your website launch as it helps to connect with your customers and get feedback on your website much more easily. Be creative, have fun, and drive infinite traffic to your website using Instagram strategies.